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Gomate® v4s guard patrol

Gomate® V4S is tough, water proof and vandal proof. The V4S have been put through extreme tests such as surrounded under water for 30 minutes, dropped from a high of 46 feet and even run over by an 8 ton lorry! This tough cookie stands still! The V4S includes many features such as inbuilt LED flashlight, silicone rubber protection and more.

security where you are

At the comfort of your own home you will be able to monitor your home or business anywhere across the globe. All you need is a computer and internet access. Our CCTV viewer platform is user friendly and a no brainer to access. Not only that but you can even view via your mobile (iOS and Android).


responsive number plate recognition system

Our ANPR System captures number plates of any vehicles entering the area for security and safety purposes. With a record created for each vehicle detailing the number plate, an image of the vehicle as well as a time and date stamp. If the number plate is recognised on the system an action can be triggered such as opening a gate.

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Why Gomate®?

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24 Hours Callout

Although UK is a sleep at night, intruders are not. This is why we operate on a 24 hours callout. We’re there any time you need us.

*Out of business hours callout charges apply.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our dedicated friendly team is here to help. Our sales team are here Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00 to help you. Give us a call and see how we can help you today.


We concentrate on the quality of our products but particularly on our CCTV images quality. Our cameras are made to match our specifications, we use the latest DSP of 8239 series, this to ensure our cameras have the best high definition images.

Who are we?

What's a security assessment from Gomate®?

Let us explain a little what we do...

Gomate® works closely with customers, especially in the design phase, to ensure that the customer receives a system that will perform the functionality that the customer requires. For example, and in short, for CCTV Systems: the process starts with understanding what the customer wants to achieve and from that point the following are calculated: correct camera placement, camera functionality, choice of camera lenses, which is done with the aid of tools which determine the cameras Field of View and distant object sizes etc.,

Camera illumination requirements for viewing in darkness, DVR functionality – including recording and playback speeds, DVR hard Disk Sizing, Online viewing, CCTV functionality and specialised analytics if required, video transmission media etc., integration with other systems, control room functionality, remote viewing, lightning and surge protection, UPS systems, etc. Although Gomate® can perform most of these functions alone; we do also make use of our supplier’s experts as and when required.

A Security System is in reality a system that is supposed to protect assets and people, and when it comes down to this, we will not purposefully supply inferior equipment to our customers just to win an order or to make more profit. Gomate® only supplies quality equipment suited for purpose when taken into account the performance and reliability of this equipment, the end result will speak for itself.

  • more than
    houses are burgled every year in Britain
  • one in
    houses are burgled
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    businesses secured by Gomate®

Our services

There's much more to security
  • Access Control
    Controlling and recording access to your premises electronically, using your computer system. With cards, tokens and readers instead of traditional locks and keys with direct control over who has access to what areas.
  • cctv system
    Market's leading design, planning and installation of your CCTV security and surveillance system all at an affordable price. All handled by our own team of national installers.
  • Security Patrolling Systems
    Gomate® offer several guard patrol systems and guard tour systems systems for monitoring patrol verification. Using hand held devices, date and time information is recorded when the guard checks specific points on a patrolled route by scanning a coded checkpoint with a collector.